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What are gold coins worth : Gold bullion seller mandate

What Are Gold Coins Worth

what are gold coins worth

    gold coins
  • A gold coin is a coin made mostly or entirely of gold. Gold has been used for coins practically since the invention of coinage, originally because of gold's intrinsic value.

  • Coin minted in gold, such as the American Eagle or the Canadian Maple Leaf.

  • Gold dollar | Quarter Eagle ($2.50) | Three-dollar piece | Half Eagle ($5) | Eagle ($10) | Double Eagle ($20)

    what are
  • Often, the population to be studied produces paired values, in other words, each individual or experimental result contributes a set of two values. This section briefly describes what bivariate data are.

  • characteristic features of science and how science differs from other areas of human knowledge

  • Sufficiently good, important, or interesting to justify a specified action; deserving to be treated or regarded in the way specified

  • Used to suggest that the specified course of action may be advisable

  • the quality that renders something desirable or valuable or useful

  • an indefinite quantity of something having a specified value; "10 dollars worth of gasoline"

  • deserving: worthy of being treated in a particular way; "an idea worth considering"; "the deserving poor" (often used ironically)

  • Equivalent in value to the sum or item specified

what are gold coins worth - I Know

I Know I Am, But What Are You?

I Know I Am, But What Are You?

Candid, outspoken, laugh-out-loud funny essays from the much-loved Samantha Bee, the Most Senior Correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart .
Critics have called her “sweet, adorable, and vicious.” But there is so much more to be said about Samantha Bee. For one, she’s Canadian. Whatever that means. And now, she opens up for the very first time about her checkered Canadian past. With charming candor, she admits to her Lennie from Of Mice and Men–style love of baby animals, her teenage crime spree as one-half of a car-thieving couple (Bonnie and Clyde in Bermuda shorts and braces), and the fact that strangers seem compelled to show her their genitals. She also details her intriguing career history, which includes stints working in a frame store, at a penis clinic, and as a Japanese anime character in a touring children’s show.
Samantha delves into all these topics and many more in this thoroughly hilarious, unabashedly frank collection of personal essays. Whether detailing the creepiness that ensues when strangers assume that your mom is your lesbian lover, or recalling her girlhood crush on Jesus (who looked like Kris Kristofferson and sang like Kenny Loggins), Samantha turns the spotlight on her own imperfect yet highly entertaining life as relentlessly as she skewers hapless interview subjects on The Daily Show. She shares her unique point of view on a variety of subjects as wide ranging as her deep affinity for old people, to her hatred of hot ham. It’s all here, in irresistible prose that will leave you in stitches and eager for more.

84% (14)

Opus Deimon . . . The Beast (Would like us to carry its card)

Opus Deimon . . . The Beast (Would like us to carry its card)

and the number of the beast
runs from the greatest to the least
and the sign upon its breast
seduces all from east to west
and the dead beneath its feet
were once sucklings at each teat
and the ruination of all flesh
is encompassed in its mesh
and though right we seek to keep
we must break down and weep
and our children yet unborn
it looks upon as ripening corn
and to the Devil it comes to heel
his loaded deck to man does deal
and its winnings distributes
to unnumbered fellow brutes
and the horns upon its head
goad the living and the dead
and its mighty roar goes forth
from far south to distant north
and it gnaws on freedom’s bones
on hero’s tombs foul claws it hones
and it rakes the other cheek
of the peaceful and the meek
and the monster leaves its cave
to kill the worthy and the brave
and its feasting's never done
from the moon unto the sun
and the poor it sweeps aside
in its wild and savage ride
and no power can it restrain
no forged weapon is its bane
and within its noisome maw
it eschews the golden law
and on silver and black gold
it exerts a fearsome hold
and it devours away all hope
from pauper to the Pope
and it bestrides the earth and sea
to control how things will be
and the secret of its power
is that it is allowed its hour
and the havoc that it wreaks
is in the blood it slavering seeks
and even light it does consume
shrouding earth in blackest gloom
and tribes beat themselves in grief
as they feel its canine teeth
and it demands complete obeisance
making slaves off all the nations
and it will have no voices raised
except to hear its master praised
and feral eyes reveal its fate
though they over-brim with hate
and not a one can buy or sell
unless they bow to the beast of hell
and wear its logo on their head
thus become the living dead
and the murderer has no leash
nothing live escapes its reach
and righteous blood slakes its thirst
from the last ones to the first
and no innocent avoids its drool
rich poor wise or fool
and all who try to foil its tongue
quick are made its poisonous dung
and there's none fleet or swift enough
or have armour that’s too tough
and all who its black reign deny
are made to see they live a lie
and its fell shadow shields the sun
from every daughter every son
and it’s old as are its tricks
ancient too its bloated tics
and its best trick has to be
that many the beast don’t see
and to heaven it dares offense
for its works seeks recompense
and it ledgers every heart
from man’s ending to man’s start
and no matter what kith or kin
we are meat within one skin
and fat lambs with golden fleece
or strung skeins of golden geese
and no matter which flag we choose
we are always sure to lose
and this dragon saint can't slay
no wit or wisdom it gainsay
and it flays those who try
burns its brand on every eye
and its hunger knows no bounds
every one who runs it hounds
and there is nowhere to hide
not ocean depth nor desert wide
and any voice is raised in vain
presumptuous rebels quickly slain
and it sucks hearts dry of blood
no prayers or pleas do any good
and on and on the beast pursues
its rightful grist its granted dues
and endurance it maintains
to be or not to be ordains
and remorseless its reaching pride
no god or conscience is its guide
and only the Fiend whose brand it bears
can face it out or stand its stares
and shall this tyrant e'er hold sway
will the downtrodden see their day
and to that question its response
is to eviscerate all hope at once
and to the cry what is the beast
its pedigree is old and creased
and its mystery bequeaths it awe
what’s the beast and why the war
and it itself cannot explain
the force by which it holds domain
and thus the answer's moot
evil’s scent quickens this brute
and in its countenance madness shines
with carrion birds it sits and dines
and surprise to some it’s cute
they usually wear the pin-striped suit
and by bonds and shares rule our lives
live off the beast like tet-tse flies
and here’s another little twist
others too its feet have kissed
and their power to it they owe
in its thrall ambition grow
and though mailed and rank with power
they too will fall and have to cower
and only one has hold its yoke
to whom mortal egos are a joke
and the rider of this steed
halloos the tenets of his creed
and to him it’s just a puppet
see... he knows no love for it
and its hidden dancing strings
play the tune this maestro sings
and with deadly dirge berates
those who the mad composer hates
and the whirling dervish dance
keeps the people in a trance
and the invitation’s a command
to heartily hail this new age band
and those who this refuse
all their goods and chattels lose
and if some never did have these
still their dreams are squeezed
and reduced to ash and dust
their essence the wild beast's lust
and to our infamous eternal shame
we acquiesce excuses lame
and to the four winds of the earth
we confess our bastard birth
and we present our craven souls
to the abomination and its goals
and though saying we want freedom
we reinforce its wicked fiefdom

An Excessively Rare Greek Gold Stater of Tarentum (Calabria), Among the Most Desirable of all Greek Gold Issues

An Excessively Rare Greek Gold Stater of Tarentum (Calabria), Among the Most Desirable of all Greek Gold Issues

Calabria, Tarentum

Stater circa 333-331/0, AV 8.52 g. TAPA Veiled and diademed head of Hera r., wearing earring and necklace; below chin, dolphin swimming downwards. Behind neck, [E]. Rev. TAPANTIN?N Young Taras standing r., raising hands in supplication to Poseidon seated l., leaning forward and holding trident; in field r., star / T. Below stool, diphros and K. Vlasto 1 (these dies). de Luynes 241 (these dies). AMB 89 (these dies). Kraay-Himer pl. X, 315 (this reverse die). SNG France 1777 (these dies). Jenkins Essays Thompson, pl. 10, 13 and 19 (these dies). Fischer-Bossert G5. Historia Numorum Italy 901 (these dies)
Extremely rare and one of the most desirable Greek issues in gold. A reverse composition
of great beauty and superb style, minor marks otherwise good very fine

Of all the coins of Tarentum, this gold stater perhaps elicits the greatest praise for the skill and ingenuity of the engraver. The composition is masterful, and one can only imagine how this would have looked on the grand scale of a statuary group. Beyond the composition, we may revel in the quality of the engraving, which breathes life into a scene that otherwise might appear stiff and formal. The artist treats us to nothing less than an impassioned plea of young Taras to a towering, but caring figure of Poseidon, who considers the proposal. A coin type of such a highly personal nature demands a tie to history. Various opinions have been offered, which help to narrow the possibilities down to the period 342 to 330 B.C. The two events in this era that could have prompted this coinage are interventions in Southern Italy on behalf of the Tarentines by Archidamus of Sparta in 342 and Alexander the Molossian, whose more enduring (but no less disastrous) campaign began in 334. Robinson prefers the former, interpreting the scene as an allusion to the plea of Taras to its mother city Sparta. Other scholars prefer the latter, associating the coinage with Alexander, especially since the thunderbolt symbol is prominent. Robinson argues that the thunderbolt need not be taken as a certain allusion to Alexander, as it is a common symbol, and that the type is more appropriate to the relationship between colony and mother city. Though the obverse generally is not the focal point of this coinage, it is worth noting that the beautiful female head – usually described as Persephone – may actually be Hera. In particular, her stephane is decorated with palmettes in a manner identical to that worn by Hera on the staters of Elis. Also of interest is the fact that the inscription TAPA before her face has generally been missed by researchers: Robinson only hinted at what appeared to be portions of the inscription on the Gulbenkian example, though we are fortunate that Rutter, in his recent Historia Numorum Italy, includes it in his description of the type.

NAC48, 3

what are gold coins worth

what are gold coins worth

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth

Your Guide to Understanding the Bible Understanding the Bible isn't for the few, the gifted, the scholarly. The Bible is accessible. It's meant to be read and comprehended by everyone from armchair readers to seminary students. A few essential insights into the Bible can clear up a lot of misconceptions and help you grasp the meaning of Scripture and its application to your 21st-century life. More than half a million people have turned to How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth to inform their reading of the Bible. This third edition features substantial revisions that keep pace with current scholarship, resources, and culture. Changes include: *Updated language *A new authors' preface *Several chapters rewritten for better readability *Updated list of recommended commentaries and resources Covering everything from translational concerns to different genres of biblical writing, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth is used all around the world. In clear, simple language, it helps you accurately understand the different parts of the Bible---their meaning for ancient audiences and their implications for you today---so you can uncover the inexhaustible worth that is in God's Word.

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