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White Gold Pearl Earring - Current Price Of Gold And Silver - Gold Charm Rs.

White Gold Pearl Earring

white gold pearl earring

    white gold
  • a pale alloy of gold usually with platinum or nickel or palladium

  • While pure gold is yellow in color, colored gold can be developed into various colors. These colors are generally obtained by alloying gold with other elements in various proportions.

  • A silver-colored alloy of gold with nickel, platinum, or another metal

  • White Gold (Белое золото) is a 2003 Russian action film directed by Viktor Ivanov from a screenplay by John Jopson and Viktor Ivanov.

  • A piece of jewelry worn on the ear

  • (Earrings) Often gold, pirates and privateers wore them primarily as a show of wealth, to avoid taxation, or as security to pay for their funeral.

  • A piece of jewelry worn on the lobe or edge of the ear

  • jewelry to ornament the ear; usually clipped to the earlobe or fastened through a hole in the lobe

  • A hard, lustrous spherical mass, typically white or bluish-gray, formed within the shell of a pearl oyster or other bivalve mollusk and highly prized as a gem

  • a smooth lustrous round structure inside the shell of a clam or oyster; much valued as a jewel

  • bone: a shade of white the color of bleached bones

  • gather pearls, from oysters in the ocean

  • An artificial imitation of this

  • A necklace of pearls

white gold pearl earring - PearlsOnly Black

PearlsOnly Black 7-8mm AA Freshwater Sterling Silver Pearl Earring Set-White-Gold-Post

PearlsOnly Black 7-8mm AA Freshwater Sterling Silver Pearl Earring Set-White-Gold-Post

Take good care of these pearl earrings and they will reward you with many years of beautiful wear. Try these earrings when you are tired of trying to stay on the cutting edge of fashion - they are always in style! Pair them with a simple strand of black pearls, or a dramatic dressy necklace for a complete look.This earring set showcases black freshwater 7 to 8mm pearls and is an overall AA quality - combining outstanding AAA luster, unique button shape and AA body.Each pearl is mounted on a sterling silver post to showcase the best of each individual pearl. Included are matching butterfly backs to secure the earrings. Your earring set will be carefully packed and shipped to you in an elegant velvet lined box and accompanied by lots of free extras (please see below).And, if you choose, we would be delighted to gift wrap your earring set and turn this earring set into an unforgettable gift.

88% (11)

White and pink stick pearls

White and pink stick pearls

These stick pearl earrings are a lovely matched set. They're a fun twist on classic pearl earrings and with that flirty pink color, they just can't go wrong!

White and Gold Pearl Earrings

White and Gold Pearl Earrings

Sterling Silver earrings with sterling silver chain, Argentium Silver wire, gold and white freshwater pearls.

white gold pearl earring

white gold pearl earring

14k White Gold 6.5-7mm White Freshwater Cultured AA Quality Pearl Earrings

Show off your sophisticated style with the 14k Gold Freshwater-Cultured Pearl Earrings. These elegantly simple earrings feature rich 14k gold posts that are comfortable and easy to slip on and off. The gold posts are mounted with round 7-millimeter-wide freshwater-cultured pearls with a beautiful luster. Pale-colored and smooth, the pearls fit well with a range of styles and outfits from business casual to evening formal. The 14k gold posts include friction backs to give the stud earrings a lightweight yet secure feeling for all-day wear. Pair these dainty pearl earrings with a single strand of matching or complementary-colored pearls to dress up all your favorite outfits.

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